Alexis Pivot's trio will delicately take you straight from France for a trip through space-time. Let yourself be transported between Europe and America, the 19th century and present time. Their repertoire is a sophisticated combination of originals and chanson française, colored with jazz as well as classical music. Gainsbourg, Chopin, Prévert, Ravel... rediscover them here, interpreted with subtelty and lyricism. Alexis Pivot (piano) Etienne Renard (double bass) Clément Brajtman (drums)
Bela Zvezda

Bela Zvezda, « white star » in Serbian, is a Balkan music band inspired both by the virtuosity and energy of Eastern European music, and the sensibility and aesthetic of musical genres ranging from jazz to traditional South American music. Through lively yet always tasteful arrangements and improvisations, Bela Zvezda seeks to modernize, without denaturing it, the traditional Balkan repertoire, preserving all its subtleties and elegance. Dario Ivkovic (accordeon) Loran Bozic (violin) Gabriel Gosse (guitar) Abel Chafaï (double bass) Clément Brajtman (drums)
Scarlet Swing Band

The Scarlet Swing Band, Clara Brajtman's Paris-based project, tries to put fresh air and impetus on the great swing and jazz standards repertoire, along with retro French songs, while always keeping one thing in mind: every song is a story to be told and delivered. Clara Brajtman (vocals) Thibaud Merle (tenor saxophone & clarinet) Vladimir Médail (guitar) Etienne Renard (double bass) Clément Brajtman (drums)
Clement Brajtman Sings

I have the privilege of accompanying them on the drums in their own bands, and they gently allow me to practice my singing... Alexis Pivot (piano) Antoine Laudière (guitar, except on Emily) Jérôme Brajtman (guitar on Emily) Clément Brajtman (vocals)


Clément Brajtman is offered his first drum lesson on his 10th birthday in Paris, and first goes through a couple of private teachers before meeting Charles Benarroch (drummer having accompanied some of the greatest French singers, including but not only Eddy Mitchell, Jacques Higelin, Françoise Hardy, Julien Clerc, Alain Souchon, Laurent Voulzy…). Charles takes him under his wing and passes on to him, for over 5 years, his knowledge, his experience, and his musical sensibility. In 2011, he enters the jazz department at the Conservatoire de Paris, but this first experience of learning music in a more academic setting doesn’t suit him. He quickly quits the curriculum, preferring to spend his time and energy into the city’s clubs and jam sessions, trying to become a professional musician.

Taking advantage of these jam sessions and of Charles’ network to build his own, Clément rapidly starts to play around in Paris and in France, along musicians such as William Chabbey, Florin Niculescu, Gerry Lopez… He owes however his very first gigs to his older siblings, Jérôme (guitarist) and Clara (singer), who gave him early on the chance to play in front of an audience.

In 2013, feeling at times frustrated at the overly rhythmic aspect of his instrument, he turns to singing as a way to continue developing his musical ear and abilities, allowing him to work with a more melodic and harmonic approach to music. Singing soon becomes a passion, and after a while Clément starts getting his very first gigs as a vocalist, accompanied by the very musicians he used to accompany on the drums.

The various jam sessions Clément attends end up leading to all his most important and fruitful encounters:  the singer Mathilde with whom he first starts a vocal duo before accompanying her on the drums alongside Vladimir Médail and Alexandre Perrot… Alexis Pivot and Etienne Renard, with whom he forms the 90° trio. And Antoine Laudière, who not only accompanies him in various vocal bands, but also chose Clément as his drummer for his own trio.

Now a part of various bands, as a drummer, a singer, and sometimes both, Clément today plays regularly in clubs and concert venues in France and abroad, achieving his dream of crossing borders with music.